Emceeing: Original Song Wows X-Factor Judges

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I saw this clip & I had to post it up. This is a brother who had a drug addiction & decided to dig in deep to find balance in his life. Wrote his own original song, spoke & sang from the heart & wow’d the hard to please X-Factor judges. My heart always goes out to those that go through hardship & choose to never give up cause giving is the easiest thing to do. Pushing forward, working hard, following your dreams & never quitting is where it’s at.

B-Boying: The Urban Movement Tour Philly: Supreme Beings Vs Repstyles

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Congrats to my Supreme Being brothers Jiggz & Frankie for winning the 2 on 2 Bboy battle @ The Urban Movement Tour in Philly this past Sunday, Sept. 18th. My crew is so nastyyyy.


B-Boying: The Urban Movement Tour Philly: Toyz Vs Shorty Vs El Nino Vs Sweet Lu

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Toyz, Shorty, El Nino & Sweet Lu battle it out @ The Urban Movement Tour Bboy jam in Philly 9/18/11. Yours truly cutting up the beats. Big shouts to Bboy Ironman, Bboy Hannibal & Shelly.

Music: Turntable Anihilists – Blowout feat. DP One, DJ Xplor & DJ G.I. Joe

DJing: DP One in Fukuoka, Japan

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Warming up during sound check @ Club Black Out in Fukuoka, Japan.
Big shouts to my brother DJ Sancon for booking me for the DJ World Convention Tour 2011. Save Japan.


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