DJing: DP One Live at Club Camon in Osaka, Japan Dec. 5th, 2011.

The “My Mind Classic Music Party” @ Club Camon was amazing, jam packed & full of various styles of dancers who ended up showcasing in the middle of the night. Special thanks to DJ Ree-age for booking me & DJ Sarasa as his special guests & taking us out to dinner. We had a lot of fun. Much respect to Cook for coming through to dinner to present DJ Sarasa with the original artwork that he designed for her “Searchlight” Mix CD cover. Big shouts to Brooklyn Terry (Elite Force), Bobby (Elite Force), Soroya, Gebo, DJ Noa- K, Noah, DJ Tanko, Hikita (Expansion) & DJ Sancon for coming through to show some love. I love & appreciate ya’ll so much.

Gebo, DJ Nao-K, Cover, Cook & DJ Sarasa (Holding up Orig. “Searchlight” Cover Art)

Bobby (Elite Force), Brooklyn Terry (Elite Force), Soroya & Me

DJ Sancon, DJ Sarasa & Me

Hikita (Expansion), DJ Ree-age, DJ Sarasa & Me

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DP One live @ Club Camon Dec. 5th, 2011

DJing: DJ GI Joe of Turntable Anihilists / Supreme Beings ripping shit on Martyr Tour during Immortal Technique show in Syracuse, New York.

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B-Boying: This is what real power looks like. From Italy, BBoy CICO (Spinkings).

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Music: “Get Biz” – DJ GI Joe feat. M-Rock Specialist, Blowout & DP One

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Popping: Marquese Scott poppin’ to “Pumped Up Kicks” (Dubstep Remix). Produced by Butch Clancy.

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